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Chardham Yatra Tour

9 Seater Tempo TravellerYamunotri Dham
Yamunotri is long traditionally the initial spot for the Char Dham Yatra. The Sightseeing and picturesque journey to the Yamunotri is along the river Yamuna, the major temple here is devoted to goddess Yamuna, represented in a black marble statue. The other deity is white figure of goddess Ganga just outside the main temple is the Divya Shila, a shady rock which springs a torrent of hot water, in principle the cold stream source of the river is on the Champasar glacier, close to Saptarishi kund, a trek of 1km.According the legend, Surya Dev the sun god, married Sangya, daughter of Vishwakarma. They had twins, Yamuna and Yama. But Sangya could not bear the fierce heat of sun; she created a clone, Chaya, and begged her to take her place, Sangya then left Surya Dev's home. Chaya agreed to keep the secret but said she would reveal the secret if ever Surya dev punished her by pulling her hair, one day the child Yama tried to stumble her.

9 Seater Tempo TravellerGangotri Dham
Gangotri offers scenic vistas of gushing water, rugged terrain and snow clad Himalayas. Gangotri holds a very important place in the Hindu Mythology. It is believed that Lord Shiva received Ganga in his matted locks when the river descended from Heaven to earth. There is a natural rock shivling submerged under water and can be seen easily in winters when the water levels decrease. The Gangoti temple is closed on the day of Diwali for the winters because the region receives heavy snowfalls and becomes inaccessible. The temple is opened in May. Situated at an altitude of 3,048, on the banks of the holy river Bhagirathi, Gangotri is considered the second dham in the chardham package. It is the highest and the most important shire of goddess Ganga. The present temple was built by Amar Singh Thapa, a Gorkha General in the 18th century and is worshipped as the source of Ganges. Although, the source of Ganges, gaumukh is 18 km from Gangotri and can only be reached by a trek route.

9 Seater Tempo TravellerKedarnath
One of the twelve Jyotrilingas dedicated to the Sadashiva form of lord Shiva and the third shrine in Char dham, Kedarnath is a magnificent temple situated at a height of 3581m. In the temple a huge statue of Nandi stands. There are a number of hot water springs called as Kunds in Kedarnath. Among which Shiv Kund is the most important and Rudhir Kund is famous for its red colored water. The whole valley of Kedarnath is surrounded by snow covered peaks from three sides with Madakini and Gandhi Glaciers on the fourth side only a few kilometers away.Among the chardham, Kedarnath is situated at the highest altitude. It is reached after a 14 km trek from Gaurikund. It is believed that Kedarnath shrine was built by the Pandavas afte the battle of Mahabharat. Kedarnath also is the main shrine among the Panch Kedar devoted to Lord shiva. The other four are Tungnath, Rudranath, Mad Maheshwar, Kalpeshwar. These temples are worshipped by hindu devotees during their chardham pilgrimage.

9 Seater Tempo TravellerBadrinath
The ashram of Vishnu in the mortal world, every year in the month of may, lord himself come to earth for the good of mankind, the magnificent temple situated between the Nar and Narayan mountains ,with the banks of Alaknanda river at the height of nearly ten thousand meters , a black stone statue of is worshiped as meditating lord. In Sanskrit it is called as Badri dham, badri for the wife of Vishnu Bhagwan who according to the legend gave shadow to the meditating lord as in the form of berry tree (badri).Badri refers to a berry that used to grow in abundance in the area where Badrinath is situated today and Nath refers to lord Vishnu. According the Hindu legends Lord Vishnu did a long penance in the area and Godess Lakshmi took the form of blue berries to protect him in the harsh climate. Every year the temple is open between the months or April and November.

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